Welcome and Opening Remarks

Jaime Gomez, dean, University of San Diego School of Business

Mary Long, managing director, Supply Chain Management Institute

Opening Keynote: Enabling Farm-to-Fork Visibility

Doug Lawson, CEO at ThinkIQ

Doug is a serial CEO - ThinkIQ is his 4th and, as he would say, his best.  His last three companies developed technology that is active today in more than one million factories around the world.  ThinkIQ is addressing an age-old operational problem that no one has truly solved: unique insight into material flow and process data to enable collaborative smart manufacturing. Now, companies like General Mills have full visibility of their genealogy throughout their supply chain - delivering financial and operational value to stakeholders and consumers.

Breakout Sessions One and Two (select one for each session)

  • Indirect Procurement: The secret ingredient to savings

    Join us for a high-level overview and interactive discussion of recent trends, transformation stages, and best practices in key categories, such as Marketing and IT. Bring your questions and challenges!

    Head Chefs: Mary Ann Brennan, senior director of global procurement at Mattel, and Ray Hummell, lecturer in supply chain management in the University of San Diego School of Business

  • Speed Networking: Harvest conversational tips

    This will be a fast-paced "round robin" session with several industry leaders facilitating speed networking sessions. Want to practice networking? Networking can lead to new understanding of your current role or completely new opportunities.  Transitioning military, students, and professionals are all welcome!  Find out more about your fellow supply chain professionals.

    Head Chef: Kathie Calvin, strategic sourcing manager at ViaSat

  • Master the Data in Your Supply Chain: Putting the banquet together

    Visibility in the supply chain leads to faster data, and faster product movement which = Customer Satisfaction + Cost Effectiveness. Head Chef Tim Fischer, senior vice president of supply chain at Bumble Bee Seafoods, will share his insights and experience in navigating the journey to a more connected supply chain.

  • Creating a High-Impact Business Case: Your recipe for success 

    In this interactive session, Head Chef Steve Wilson, director of solution design at NFI, will both present and invite discussion on how to improve your supply chain business case.  Steve provides an interesting framework and concrete tools and examples to help build the case for change and the call to action.

  • Finance & Supply Chain Partnership: Projecting, mitigating, and/or reaping expected results

    Finance and supply chain leaders consistently identify partnership as a critical skill to business success. Head Chef John Prunty, clinical professor of accounting in the University of San Diego School of Business, will lead an interactive session and provide reference materials to improve supply chain and finance discussions.
  • Customer Segmentation: Let's talk turkey!

    What strategies and practices are the best supply chains using to identify their most valuable customers? Can marketing, finance, and supply chain customer strategies be aligned and integrated? What do these approaches mean to execution and customer satisfaction? Join this session for presented insights and a unique opportunity for discussion.

          Head Chef: Chris Gopal, senior fellow at Drucker School of Management's Center for Supply Chain and Logistics

Closing Keynote Panel: Abundance in Supply Chain's Six P's

Cathie Deal, manager of hardware sourcing at Facebook

Ilse De Bruin, director of global logistics at Amazon

Adri Pienaar McCaskill, general manager at iPlan Global

Our closing keynote panel will focus on technology, innovation, and the six P’s of supply chain:  People, Profit, Planet, Process, Product, and Policy.  Supply Chain leaders from Amazon, Facebook, and iPlan will share their thoughts on these intersections.