​Policy Advisory Board

Expert guidance from industry leaders.

We're fortunate to have a Policy Advisory Board made up of some of the best minds in real estate today. Comprised of senior business and real estate executives, our Board provides policy guidance and financial support for the real estate program in our School of Business.

Staff Liaison 
Stath Karras Executive director, Burnham-Moores Center for Real Estate
Ian M. Gill Principal, Highland Partnership
Charles (Charlie) Abdi '83 BBA Principal, Finest City Realty Advisors
William (Willy) Ayyad President, United Development Group
Steven (Steve) Black President, Cisterra Development
Chris Bourassa President, Ledcor
Marc Brutten Chairman, Westcore Properties
Malin Burnham Chairman, Burnham Foundation
Barbara R. Cambon Real estate advisor
Anthony (Tony) Carr President, Carlo Development
Brian Caster President and CEO, Caster Properties
Gina Champion-Cain '94 (MBA) President and CEO, American National Investments
Dennis S. Cruzan Principal, Cruzan
Stephen (Steve) Doyle President, Sandy Point Properties
Emma Epes Senior manager of Assurance Services, EY
Daniel (Dan) Epstein Founder and executive chairman, The ConAm Group
Bradley (Brad) A. Geier Co-managing partner, Merlone Geier Partners
Mark Gleiberman President and founder, MG Properties Group
Cory C. Grant Chairman and managing partner, Grant Hinkle & Jacobs
Sherman (Sherm) D. Harmer Jr. President, Urban Housing Partners
Ash Israni Chairman, Pacifica Companies
Vince Kasperick President,
John C. Kratzer President and CEO, JMI Realty
Robert (Rob) Lankford President and CEO, Lankford & Associates
Timothy (Tim) Meissner Principal, Meissner Jacquét Investment Management Services
Vicki Mullins Executive vice president and CFO, Newland Real Estate Group
Daniel (Dan) F. Mulvihill Chairman, Pacific Southwest Realty Services
James (Jim) Nigro Senior vice president, U.S. Bank
Robert (Bob) E. Petersen President and CEO, La Jolla Management Company
James (Jim) P. Previti CEO, Guardian Companies
Matthew (Matt) J. Reno '80 (BBA) CEO and founder, Reno Contracting
Heather Riley Partner, Allen Matkins
Daniel (Dan) Ryan Executive vice president, Alexandria Real Estate Equities
Kelly Souza '02 (BBA) Senior vice president, Wells Fargo Bank
Angelo G. Tsakopoulos, Esq. '94 (BA) Principal, Tsakopoulos Investments
Stephen (Steve) B. Williams Partner, SENTRE Partners
Alex F. Zikakis President, Capstone Advisors