The Campaign for 2020

Campaign Vision

The Burnham-Moores Center for Real Estate recently launched The Campaign for 2020 to   significantly increase scholarship support for real estate students and for the recruitment and retention of renowned real estate faculty. To continue to attract, educate and graduate outstanding students, our campaign combined with strong collaboration with the real estate industry, will accelerate the University of San Diego’s reputation for comprehensive excellence in providing one of the best academic and applied real estate programs in the country by 2020. Our program model has already led to a #1 real estate undergraduate program ranking two years in a row by College Factual.
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About the Campaign

Every day, we engage in our mission to recruit, educate and mentor real estate students and facilitate their career pursuits. A successful career in real estate is more than textbook knowledge about land use, structures, analysis and finance—it’s also about relationships. To that end, the Burnham-Moores Center has developed a signature program called “AIM that aligns an assessment of student strengths and interests with curriculum, industry connections and mentors. When the AIM program experience is combined with classes, site visits and access to extraordinary faculty, the result is top-level graduates for the real estate industry—who become outstanding professionals and industry leaders, and eventually, generous alumni of the University of San Diego. This is a winning formula for continual success.

BMC AIM Program

Campaign Goal: $10,000,000

Now is the time to engage in The Campaign for 2020 to comprehensively move the Burnham-Moores Center for Real Estate to the next level. The importance of significantly increasing the capacity to attract top students and securing funding to effectively recruit renowned and experienced faculty at the same time cannot be overemphasized. With your help, we will execute on our plan to produce the best-educated, best-connected and most productive graduates of any academic real estate program in the nation. Please join us!      


The Campaign for 2020 Case Statement

Read The Campaign for 2020 Case Statement

The Burnham-Moores Center's Value Proposition

The Burnham-Moores Center's Value Proposition

Join the Campaign

For a conversation about how you can contribute to the success of The Campaign for 2020 , please get in touch with:

Stath Karras
Executive Director
Burnham-Moores Center for Real Estate
(858) 204-5085
MaryAnn F. Stewart
Executive Advisor for Philanthropy
(858) 243-0828