Hot and Cold Zones of San Diego Real Estate

San Diego Union-Tribune -- Advice for house hunters from 2 economists (Full Story

"Ask yourself, 'Is this the home you want to live in? Are you willing to live in it for five years. Can you afford the payments. How does (the mortgage payment) compare to rent? You have to think about (buying) as a serious investment. Right now, prices are low, interest rates are low...If you're getting in for just earned equity and get out for a couple of years, then I wish you luck." -- Cynthia A. Kroll, economist at UC Berkeley's real estate center at a recent real estate summit hosted by the San Diego Association of Realtors

"Do the math...The affordability is the driver, it's the reason why buying now makes sense. That's if you get approved (for financing.)...I probably lost a few percent on my home (value,) but I'm still way ahead because of the affordability of my payment..." -- Norm Miller, director of University of San Diego's real estate center, at the same real estate summit

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