Business of Healthcare

Healthcare is a large and dynamic component of the global economy and one of the defining elements of the economy of San Diego.

Our mission is to train managers to address complex challenges of delivering accessible, efficient, equitable, and effective healthcare that is both economically sustainable and respects the dignity of human life.

We aim to help healthcare professionals engaged in drug development, diagnostics and medical device firms as well as those in hospitals and other healthcare delivery settings learn about relevant business tools and adopt perspectives that permit them to enhance the effectiveness of their functions and enjoy more fulfilling careers.

We aim to foster scholarship on the acute challenges of delivering effective and affordable healthcare while safeguarding the interests of the patients, payors and providers.


The Business of Healthcare Initiative at the University of San Diego is a collaborative effort led by the School of Business. It draws on the expertise of faculty and researchers in:

The Hahn School of Nursing and Health Science

The School of Law

The Joan B. Kroc School of Peace Studies

The initiative is managed by T. Somasundaram, associate professor of marketing