Bridges Academy

Drop Shadow

Lecture Series

Fall 2014

Music in Indonesia

Wednesday, September 17, 10:11:30 am

Professor David Harnish, ethnomusicologist and USD Music Department Chair, returns to complete the tour of Asian cultures, focusing this time on the music of Indonesia. Listen to select music styles, learn about traditions, and see how Indonesia has responded to modernization, according to cultural and political priorities.

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Constitutionalism in the Middle East: New Beginnings or More of the Same?

Tuesday, September 23, 10:11:30 am

The "Arab Spring" uprisings of 2011 held out promise of change for the better in governments across the Middle East. Hopes were high for a new era of accountability and respect for human rights. Drawing on his work with some of those involved in recent constitutional change in Egypt and Jordan, Professor Laurence Claus will discuss whether real progress has been made, and what prospects for positive change remain.

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The Bird Rock Bandits and California’s S.T.E.P. Act

Wednesday, October 1, 10-11:30 am

The Bird Rock Bandits, comprised of educated, relatively affluent males of La Jolla, have maintained a longstanding dedication to violent criminal behavior, culminating in the 2007 murder of professional surfer, Emery Kauanui. No members of the group had ever been arrested prior to the murder, and the San Diego Superior Court ruled that this group should not be formally classified as a gang, despite seemingly meeting the four criteria for gang membership enumerated by California’s Street Terrorism Enforcement and Prevention Act (S.T.E.P.) Join sociology professor Dr. Erik Fritsvold for a look at the role race, class, and social location can play in criminology and justice.

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Alcalá Park by Design

Wednesday, October 22, 10-11:30 am

In 1942, Bishop Charles Francis Buddy commissioned Mother Rosalie Clifton Hill, of the Religious of the Sacred Heart, to help build a Catholic university on a mesa in Linda Vista Heights.  In 1946, Mother Hill and other members of her Society decided that the design should be an adaptation of Spanish Renaissance architecture, and she later stated that “Spanish Renaissance has been in style in California for 200 years and will be in style for 200 more.”  The maintenance and preservation of such a style requires close attention, knowledge of period art and furnishings, and sometimes, a firm hand in the handling of myriad requests that could encroach upon “the look.” Mary Whelan, Executive Director of University Design, will share some USD history, her challenges of maintaining USD’s Spanish Renaissance design and flavor, and a glimpse of the future of buildings on the campus.

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Why is it so hard to get local fish in San Diego?

Wednesday, November 5, 10-11:30 am

San Diego has a long established fishing industry, but paradoxically little of the fish caught or produced in our waters make it on to our plates. It is well recognized that increasing connections to truly local seafood benefits the environment, the economy and our health. This talk, presented by USD sociology professor Dr. Adina Batnitzky, will examine the barriers to availability of local seafood and suggest ways we can address them by bringing together the public, the restaurant community, fishermen and aquafarmers.  

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Jesus and Superman: Resonances Between Religious Belief and Popular Culture

Wednesday, November 12, 10-11:30 am

This lecture examines how the pop culture figure of Superman morphed into a Christ figure, and whether Christian belief necessitates a savior who is superhuman, with superpowers, mostly found in the realm of the supernatural. Join Professor Susan Babka from the Theology and Religious Studies department to examine the history of Superman as well as the development of the doctrine of Jesus’ divinity in Christian belief.

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