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Website Redesign (June 2014 - August 2015)


pre-redesign version Before
redesign version After

Project Updates

Date Milestone Updates
08/24/14 USD Website Kick-Off

The USD web team convened the core committee for the first time in the project and presented research and discovery findings from the summer. Surveys, interviews, and focus groups were conducted with targeted audiences, and the team met with the university's vice presidents to understand core university and divisional goals and initiatives moving forward.

See the USD website kick-off presentation (PDF) for more information.

11/21/14 USD Site Structure and Branding

The USD web team worked collaboratively with the University Communications branding team to refresh the university accent colors. Style tiles were created, utilizing these accent colors in addition to the core blues, to demonstrate updated and cohesive website elements. Also, the top two levels of the main USD website was demonstrated, in addition to the reasoning of this new direction, which was influenced by the university core initiatives and main website audiences.

See the USD website branding presentation (PDF) for more information.

05/26/15 USD Design Reveal

The USD web team, along with our content strategist and Undergraduate Admissions, facilitated a usability study with the USD target audience (prospective students and families). Conducting the study allowed us to garner feedback and suggestions about the intended new website direction and make adjustments accordingly. A solidified USD home page design direction (both desktop and mobile versions) was unveiled to the committee.

See the USD design reveal presentation (PDF) for more information.

08/18/15 USD Final Review

The USD web team along with University Communications reviewed the website redesign project goals, core messaging, and demonstrated a working version of the new USD home page. Key elements as the new Visit Us resource as well as the new President's website were also reviewed as examples of USD's new modular approach to content and imagery display.

See the USD final presentation (PDF) for more information.

08/31/15 USD Website Launch

Late evening.

Advisory Board

Name Title Contact Information
Peggy Agerton Representative, Academic Affairs agertonp@sandiego.edu
ext. 4553
Ryan Blystone Representative, University Relations rblystone@sandiego.edu
ext. 6652
Joy Brunetti Advisor brunetti@sandiego.edu
ext. 7633
Shelly Bowen Content Strategist shelly@pybop.com
(619) 251-9661
Kim Carnot Representative, Business Services kcarnot@sandiego.edu
ext. 4257
Jessica Critchlow Representative, Student Affairs jessicacritchlow@sandiego.edu
ext. 4618
Kenny Eng Representative, Torero Life keng@sandiego.edu
ext. 2539
Pam Gray Representative, University Relations grayp@sandiego.edu
ext. 4681
Amy Gregory Representative, Business Services amygregory@sandiego.edu
ext. 2725
Steven Heath Representative, Finance heath@sandiego.edu
ext. 7549
Tom Herrinton Representative, Academic Affairs herrinton@sandiego.edu
ext. 4553
Minh-Ha Hoang Representative, Admissions hoangm@sandiego.edu
ext. 4506
Daye Izmirian Representative, Student Affairs dizmirian@sandiego.edu
ext. 4777
Michael Lovette-Colyer Representative, Mission and Ministry mlovettecolyer@sandiego.edu
ext. 4251
Monica Mahon Representative, Admissions mmahon@sandiego.edu
ext. 4524
Peter Marlow Co-Chair petermarlow@sandiego.edu
ext. 7460
Daniel Myers Student Representative

ext. 7633

Michael O'Brien Advisor michaelo@sandiego.edu
ext. 4641
Robreta Roebuck Project Manager berta@sandiego.edu
ext. 7851
Patrick Simon Representative, University Relations psimon@sandiego.edu
ext. 4632
Chris Wessells Co-Chair chris@sandiego.edu
ext. 6868

Contact Information

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