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The University of San Diego's brand is based on a commitment to, and belief in, our mission, values and distinctions. Beyond logos and slogans, our brand is reflected in what we do and say, what we print and proclaim and what message we impart as an institution, and as members of the university community.

Our brand is the excellence of our faculty; our brand comes to life when our students go into the world and make a living by making a difference; our brand is a reflection of our Catholic character and our collective commitment to the dignity and fullest development of the whole person.

Building our brand by maintaining certain consistent visual elements in materials helps the university build and maintain its stellar reputation locally, nationally and around the world.

USD's official master logo and other marks are the foundation upon which USD will build a lasting and indelible visual identity.
USD's web standards are meant to create consistency in the university’s presence on the web and mobile applications and tie both platforms to its brand and marketing efforts.
USD adopted its guidelines from two primary reference works: The Associated Press Stylebook and Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary. Every effort should be made to adopt these guidelines when developing copy for publications or simple correspondence.

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