Which MBA Specialization Should I Choose?

Monday, June 12, 2017

So you’ve committed to the idea of getting your MBA! That is already a huge feat in and of itself, so congratulations. Now, it is time to choose your MBA specialization. This process may seem daunting and overwhelming at times, but when broken down into five steps, you’ll be on your way to your MBA degree in no time.

First, it is important to do your homework. You might be thinking, “Homework before the program even starts?” Yes! To see what your MBA concentration should be, start by researching your top companies you’d want to work for to see what qualifications they are requiring for future applicants and employees. It might even be beneficial to reach out to them and specifically ask them what they’re looking for. 

Second, look to your past. Is there something (skill-wise) that was lacking in your post grad/pre MBA degree job? If so, you might want to consider thinking about the possibility of gaining those new skills to enhance your future work life or job opportunities.

The next suggestion is to embrace change. It is recommended to get an internship in the field of where you’re thinking about getting your MBA specialization. What’s great about internships, is that they have the ability to show you what you do and do not like, without having the commitment of an actual job.

Fourth is all about gut instincts. Follow your passions. You know what you’re capable of and what you love, so your MBA concentration should envelop all that you’re interested in. Don’t see exactly what you’re looking for in the program? Carve your own pathway and if they don’t have what you want create it. Be brave. Be bold. Choose what you love and care about.

Last, contact the University of San Diego School of Business to be connected with professors, advisors, alumni and current students. Enjoy the opportunity to talk about all of the different MBA specializations we offer and personal recommendations from students in the programs and the professors teaching them.

While looking at MBA specializations, take the time to also consider different options like the part-time MBA or the dual MBA degree programs.


Catherine Northcutt
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