Introduction to Business Management

Monday, May 29, 2017

It’s easy to do a quick Google search about the curriculum requirements regarding Introduction to Business Management, but what are you as the student truly learning in these courses? Business management intro classes tend to focus on different managerial qualities you will learn and possess to then apply to further coursework like USD’s graduate business programs.

There are three types of managerial roles: Interpersonal, Informational and Decisional.

An interpersonal role focuses on the manager as a figurehead, leader and liaison for staff. Confidence and competence in taking charge of situations are primary areas of focus of the interpersonal role.

The informational role tends to rely on collecting, receiving and decoding of information, while the decisional role focuses on issues related to disturbance handling, resource allocation and negotiations. 

Throughout the Introduction to Business Management course, students will gain skills in

  • Innovation
  • Communication
  • Self-Motivation
  • Leadership
  • Belief in Oneself
  • Risk-Taking

An education from University of San Diego School of Business helps prepare students in managing their own or someone else’s business by cultivating thoughtful and creative students. After the Business Management Introduction course, students are encouraged to pursue possible future career options

  • Human Relations
  • Finance
  • Strategy Concerns
  • Operations
  • Globalization
  • Ethics
  • Entrepreneurship 

The Business Management and Administration courses could be a great stepping stone toward getting a MBA degree from USD’s School of Business. Our graduate business programs are consistently highly-ranked by Bloomberg Businessweek and the Financial Times.

Business Management and Administration courses provide students with the knowledge to succeed and prosper not only while still in school, but while out in the “real world” as well.


Amy Schmitz
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