How Many People Apply to Business School Every Year?

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Applying to business school is a big step for those who are looking to further their education through a master’s program. Annually, more than 100,000 perspective students participate in the business school application process. Recently, however, there has been an overall dip nationally in the number of people applying to business school each year. So the question stands, is this good news?

Traditionally, the more business school applicants there are for a particular school, the more desirable said school. While national business school applicants may have declined, globally half of graduate business schools received more applications in 2016 than 2015. More than 57 percent of full-time one-year programs reported a growth in business school applicants globally.

However, prospective business school students shouldn’t be entirely focused on the numbers. Russell Schaffer, senior communications manager at Kaplan Test Prep in New York says in a U.S. News article, “In terms of someone’s particular strategy, whether or not an applicant is ready is always going to be far more important then how many people are applying that year.”

To simplify Schaffer’s advice, don’t focus on the numbers. In regard to the business school application process, students shouldn’t base their decision to apply on whether or not there are many or few applicants in that same year.

Overall, business school admissions are seeing a decrease in applications in America. Some perspective students choose to see this as an opportunity for less competition, while others see it as a possible decline in the value of universities.

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