Which MBA Program is Right for Me?

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Deciding whether to pursue a Part-time MBA versus a Full-time MBA can be a difficult process for prospective Masters of Business Administration students. The University of San Diego School of Business offers both types of MBA programs and both have benefits depending on what you’re looking for in both your school and work life.

MBA Program Comparison

Full-time MBA Benefits and Considerations:

One of the biggest advantages of becoming a full-time MBA student is that on average, you will receive more financial aid. Nationally, more than 90 percent of financial aid usually goes to full-time students, which could be helpful to those in need. Full-time students also have greater access to on-campus recruiting, and being in school full-time provides the perfect environment to foster relationships between fellow students. You will be in class with the same students throughout your MBA program, so you can develop deeper relationships with your peers over the two-year program. 

The disadvantages of a full-time MBA are bigger academic workloads and the decreased likelihood of earning a paycheck during the two-year program, since your time will be allocated toward school instead of work.

Part-time MBA Benefits and Considerations:

In comparison, part-time MBA programs usually act as a supplement program for those who currently are working and wish to remain employed while pursing the degree. Benefits of a part-time MBA include: often employers will sponsor employees to be a part of the Masters of Business Administration Program to help reduce costs for the students. Part-time students also share the same faculty and professors as the full-time students.

Some disadvantages of a part-time professional MBA program include: it is not as competitive nor is it as diverse as the full-time program. Because you will also be working while attending classes, you will spend longer than two years in the program. The program acts as a supplement to your current career status, meaning that participating in the Part time MBA program is not necessarily designed to help you change careers, but instead to give you more skills to help you in your current field. 

Taking on a MBA is likely to be one of your biggest investments of time and money with one of the biggest payoffs in the long run. MBAs can help accelerate your next move by possibly changing the direction of your career, providing you with the knowledge of how to launch your own business, the skills and knowledge needed to earn more money and building a large network of contacts.

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