True or False: Business Degree=Higher Salary

Friday, November 18, 2016

If history is any indication, there will always be available jobs in business. Demand for accountants, managers, economists, sales representatives (you name it) is stronger, even during economic downturns, than the demand for many other professions.

And attached to jobs in business, there are often some pretty nice paychecks.

In fact, according to Forbes, the top five business majors have the highest median annual salary range.  

Even if balance sheets and financial statements aren’t really your thing, supply chain management might be an interesting path to choose. With an average salary of $55,000, management of company’s equipment, hardware and other logistical aspects, make this major even more appealing.

The University of San Diego School of Business offers networking opportunities with major companies in these fields and more. Whether you’re an undergraduate majoring in business or a graduate student in a business program, networking and taking advantage of our Career Services activities will allow you the ability to secure jobs and internships in the future.

Say hello to your new paycheck!


Amy Schmitz
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