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New Marketing!

In an effort to increase sustainability efforts and communication USD will has installed three new kiosks located in front of the IPJ, in between Camino Hall and Founders Hall, and in Plaza Menor. Each kiosk is four-sided, with two sides designated for postings from Associated Students and the Torero Program Board and one for Campus Events, from university departments or student organizations. With the new kiosks now available, all other marketing and fliers cannot be posted to the grounds.

All posting requests must be submitted to Student Life facilities in Hahn University Center, Room 205 for approval. As in the past, all fliers should be no bigger than 8.5x11, must have the exact date of the event and events must be open to the campus community. The Kiosk Management Plan is available online and can help answer any questions.

In addition to the kiosks, fliers can be posted to newly mounted corkboards located in Camino Hall, Founders Hall and Serra Hall as well as in the Hahn University Center and Student Life Pavilion. Campus bulletin boards, like the kiosks are for posting information for campus events and programs. Click here for more information about the kiosks, bulletin boards, banners, event signs and electronic marquees.

Kiosk Locations




Plaza Menor (SLP)

Fliers with more information