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Anthony Gomez

My name is Anthony Gomez and I'm running for the business seat of academic senate. I recently transfer to the University of San Diego from Orange Coast College and I'm currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in accounting. While here, I will like to make a positive contribution to the university by representing the needs and wants of those enroll in the business program. Together, we can make our experience here at the University of San Diego a pleasurable one, while building upon the prestige of the business program to better prepare us for the world that awaits us after graduation. 

Anthony's Candidate Flyer

Po-Yueh (Alberto) Lin


Joe Long

My name is Joe Long. I am a junior at University of San Diego majoring in Marketing and Finance and running for the Business Senator position of Associated Students. The main reason I am running for this position is because I want to serve the Business School as well as USD as a whole. USD is great but I want to make it even better by listening to your problems and finding creative solutions for them. The happier we are, the better our experience is! I believe I am qualified for this position because of my history in leadership roles. In high school, I was a student representative and last year I was Commuter Senator at USD. This year I have a position in my fraternity and hopefully will be representing you as a Business Senator!

Fidence "J.R." Moreno

My name is J.R Moreno, a Junior accounting major with a minor in economics, and I would like to be your next Senator for the School of Business Administration. If elected and given the honor to represent my fellow undergraduate business students in Associated Students I will strive to continue to build our legacy at the University of San Diego and continue in the tradition of one of the most prestigious business schools in the nation. I’m passionate, driven, motivated and have had extensive experience in leadership roles before and am an active student in various organizations around campus, including Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi professional business fraternity and Accounting Society. Thank you and I look forward to the opportunity of representing YOU!

Arts and Science:

Sukhpreet Bains

My name is Sukhpreet Bains and I am a freshman at USD. I am currently the Residential Senator for the Valley and serve more than 800 constituents. Given the opportunity to have the voices heard of USD’s students, I am hoping you allow me to represent you once again as the Academic Senator for the College of Arts and Sciences.

My goals consist of serving as a liaison between student government and student body, making decisions that YOU control, choices that YOU make, addressing any student issues concerning but not limited to the college that you belong to or residential hall that you live in. Make your voice be heard. Elected by you, my number one goal will be to address student issues that you bring to me. Being Senator is not just a job title, but rather a job that needs to be fulfilled.

Sukhpreet's Candidate Flyer

Nadia Beydoun

I am running for the position of Business Senator because I want to be an advocate for student issues in order to make a positive change at USD. As senator, I would actively participate in meetings and maintain a close relationship with the faculty and student organizations so that I can be more exposed to the needs of the student body in its entirety. I am prepared to be an intermediary between the student body and the administration by using good communication skills, a positive attitude, and actively listening to the concerns of the student body.

Nadia's Candidate Flyer