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Since the day I arrived at the University of San Diego, I have made it my sincere goal to serve the student body in all aspects of Torero life! Through devoting time and energy to understanding student issues and discovering ways to solve them, I have created real campus-wide impact in the areas of representative lectures, campus transportation, and student health and awareness.

I am running for Student Body President to empower progressive innovation and social responsibility through augmenting the inclusiveness of our Torero community. I would be honored to serve the undergraduate population and represent an institution of extraordinary students I am proud to be amongst.

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My name is Taisia Dubinina and I am junior at USD, double majoring in International Business and Theater Arts. I am passionate about associated students and have held various leadership roles within AS Senate for approximately the past 2 years. I feel like USD is already highly focused on expanding students’ horizons and developing their personal values, that the academics area can be improved by building bridges across different disciplines. I would like to increase the interaction between different disciplines so that students are able to create a more valued and personal education, which can be used as a tool to erect wider bridges to students’ life after college. Thus, through the creation of more relationships with businesses and the construction of a reputation for USD beyond the San Diego community students will be able to use USD’s influence to expand their careers in their hometowns.

Taisia's Candidate Flyer