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Hermann, Alex

Alex Hermann

"My involvement spans across many aspects of campus life ranging from Greek Life, Residential Life, Associated Students and University Ministry. My studies in the leadership minor and involvement with various organizations, groups and communities has enabled me to work with a wide variety of people and understand different areas that make up USD campus culture. As Associated Students President, I pledge to move our University forward. As our institution continues to evolve, I will carry the progress that my predecessors and our community have made and continue to take USD to the next level. My goals include increasing Torero Spirit, cultivating a Changemaker campus, and engaging more of the student body. I am excited at the prospect of serving the USD community next year."


Vice President

Anderson, Coral

Coral Anderson

“As Vice President, I plan to continue to propel our school in a positive direction. I will represent the student voice, and serve as an open and inclusive leader. Because of my experience on Associated Students for the past three years, I know how to set realistic goals and the most effective ways of achieving them.For example, some ideas of mine include wireless printing in the library, as well as an equal distribution of "W" classes between the different majors.As your Vice President, I promise to proactively and passionately work to find solutions that our student body needs.”


Speaker of the Senate

Mendenhall, Trenton

Trenton Mendenhall

“My goals for the position of Speaker of the Senate are to help improve USD by focusing on three main ideas: community, integration, and access. I believe here at USD we have a strong sense of pride as Toreros, however, I feel that this could be improved. We should all work as a community to help encourage higher attendance at athletic events, be able to openly speak about sensitive issues, and be able to freely suggest ideas on what we would like to see changed or improved. Another one of my goals is to help integrate the ideas, concerns, and suggestions of our faculty, staff, and students in a way that will increase the relations amongst all of us. My final goal is to help improve everyone’s access to the members of Associated Students as well as all the other organizations here on campus as a way of allowing everyone to become involved. If elected I plan on spending a large portion of my time listening to the concerns of my constituents. By doing this I will be able to understand what issues the students really want to see improved whether it be residential issues or oppositions to meal plan changes. Also if elected I plan to restructure senate in a way that I feel will make it the most effective. Having served on senate in the past I know there are a few changes that would like to see implemented. Overall, my main goal and plan is to be a link between the students and University as a way to help make the University of San Diego be the best that it can be.”


College of Arts and Sciences Senators

Belanger, Brooke

Brooke Belanger

“I plan to continue myposition in Inclusion and Diversity and create a Rapport/Spiritsubcommitteein senate to increase school pride and entice passionate involvement of the students here at USD.”

Coutermarsh, Katie

Katie Coutermarsh

“If elected for the 2013-2014 school year, I would work to implement a system “college level” field trips for different majors within the College of Arts and Sciences.Similarly to the USD concept of a passport, these events would allow students the opportunity to learn outside of the classroom, interact with peers, and apply class concepts to the real world.The field trips would include a variety of museums, science exhibits, speakers, and events that would allow students to experience the culture of San Diego.In addition, I would like to increase school spirit through increased marketing and incentives for events.Ideally, I would start a reliable beach tram that students could count on for games to increase attendance and reduce the problem of parking. Lastly, I would work to propose meal plan options that are reflective of students wants.”

Ferraro, Stephen

Stephen Ferraro

“If elected, I would like to enhance the structure and overall experience of the Arts and Science programs. In particular, I want to work with the Pre-med/Pre-Health departments to better support and advise the students. One of my goals is to work with USD's abroad program, ranked 1st in the country, in order to get more flexibility and options for Arts and Science Majors who would like to go abroad. I will represent the student body's best interest and let their voice be heard.”

Gil, Kaylee

Kaylee Gil

“Becoming a College of Arts and Sciences academic senator means I am representing the student body of College of Arts and Sciences. As a senator who will be the face of CAS student body, I am planning on reaching out to CAS community to better serve students with their needs. I will listen closely to students’ concerns to make their experience in University of San Diego as best as possible.”

Hollak, Darren

Darren Hollak

“If elected, I would strive to work as closely as possible with the students of the University of San Diego. I would advocate with the students' best interests in mind whenever decisionsarisewhich would effect them. With their success and happiness being my main focus, I would welcome any questions or comments from all students, and respond as quickly as possible.”

Jackson, Jordan

Jordan Jackson

“My goal for this position is to make a change. USD is a change-making school and I want to help initiate this change. I not only want to help the student body, but also to help make a difference in the outside community.”

Spears, Chloe

Chloe Spears

“I am very outgoing and approachable person and would love to hear YOUR opinions on how to make USD better. I am determined and a hard-working student who is not afraid to make my voice heard if it benefits those around me.”

Via, Emily

Emily Via

“My goal for the position of Senator for the College of Arts and Sciences would be to create a strong bridge between the AS Senate and my constituents. I would want to inform students that I am there to represent them and that by voicing their opinions they will always be listened to. As a Senator I would promote that the concerns of the students are very important and that I would always be willing to and enjoy working with them. I would serve as a connection between the administration, faculty and the student body here at USD. My main goals would be to work towards building a strong sense of community at USD through that connection and promoting Torero Pride!”

Windju, Courtney

Courtney Windju

“If elected for this position, I will gather feedback and make a very conscious effort to initiate communication, effective group discussions, and ultimately, change. [Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go." - T.S. Eliot]”


School of Business Administration Senators



No Photo Available



Christian Di Scala

“If elected, I plan to put the needs of the School of Business above all else. I will work for a more effective allocation of funds from Associated Students to on-campus organizations based out of the SBA, help business students with any and all needs regarding recognition/support from the Associated Student body, and encourage the support of the student body in creating educational programs designed specifically for business students. The overall goal in my term as senator is to strengthen and increase the voice of business students concerning campus-wide matters while increasing the support of the SBA from the other schools on campus. If elected, I will be an unwavering voice for those who study to be business leaders of the future and a valiant proponent of causes seeking to enrich the School of Business Administration.”

Marconi, Michael

Michael Marconi

“As a Business Senator for the upcoming school year, I will look to address student concerns around the University of San Diego Business School. Reaching out to the student body, and applying their ideas and concerns to better the University are the two main goals that I have for myself in the coming year. I will strive to better our school by continuing to better our campus for the generations to come.”

Suleiman, Omar

Omar Suleiman

“As a new a younger business student, I plan to meet as many other business students as I can and, though my objective perspective, represent these students and their opinions to the AS executive board.”


Engineering Senators

Jadallah, Jordan

Jordan Jadallah

“If elected as Engineering Senator, I plan to amplify the voices of the Engineering students. The Engineering school has seen tremendous growth in the past decade and it is critical to hear the concerns and suggestions that the Engineering students have. I have heard many conversations about these particular concerns and issues, but unfortunately they are not heard outside of the engineering school. For example, Engineering students have a 4.5 year program so they graduate in the Fall but cannot walk in May with those peers that are not Engineering students. My biggest goal is to change this address this concern among others and ensure that not only are the Engineering students heard but also ensure that action is being taken to address the issues that are routinely brought up.”