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Sukhpreet Bains

My name is Sukhpreet Bains and I am a current junior. My hobbies include laughing, drinking too much iced chai tea, and reading Harvard Business Review. What gets me out of bed in the morning is my love for USD and the determination to make it greater... for every single one of you. I have been in Associated Students for 2 years, having served as a Residential and Academic Senator, as well as Senate Parliamentarian. I also created and developed the first Changemaker Student Committee, a group of passionate individuals committed to creating the Changemaker Fest and pursuing other Changemaker Initiatives. In 2013, I led 100 volunteers at the AshokaU Exchange, a global convening of social entrepreneurs consisting of 650 attendees from 40 different countries and 150 different institutions. As AS President, my platform would focus on five key components: build torero culture, connecting toreros to alumni, activate entrepreneurs, promote inclusion and diversity, and integrate changemaking. Please contact me for further information or 805.807.5980

Bains, Sukhpreet


Dominic Pera

Hi Toreros! My name is Dom Pera and I’m proud to be in the running for your next AS President! I have served as a Senator for two years on the Student Life Committee and my Sophomore Year I was the committee chairman. After going studying in Ireland last semester, I came back to AS! I currently serve as your Director of Wellness and Sustainability. As you can see, I have worked extremely hard over the past 3 years to improve YOUR life here at USD. In all aspects of my work at USD, you (the student body) have been my #1 priority! However, I am not done yet. I hope to continue efficiently solving all student-life problems while introducing better opportunities for involvement, professional enhancement, and school spirit. My hope is that each of us graduates with all academic, professional, and personal skills needed to succeed in the world!


Pera, Dominic



Vice President

Rommel Pinlac

Hey there Toreros! I’m excited to see what the future has in store for our USD community! I have seen so much positive growth on this campus, and I hope to continue my work with student organizations, departments, and most importantly YOU. I hope to bridge our campus community and promote a comfortable environment for every Torero to express their interests at our University. Apart from serving as the Director of Student Organizations for Associated Students, I am currently an active member in FUSO, the United Front Multicultural Center, Sigma Phi Epsilon, The Scoop on ToreroLife, and University Ministry. I have experienced both sides of involvement as a general body member and on an executive board, so I have a deep passion for leadership development and enhancing the USD experience.

Through my involvement, I have gained so much perspective on student life and issues. As your AS Vice President, I want to focus on several key issues:

- inclusion and diversity. As we shape our identity as a Changemaker Campus, I hope to encourage all Toreros of different backgrounds and experiences to embrace innovation to propel our University forward.

- academics. As we continue discussion concerning the Core Curriculum, I want to give voice and equal opportunity from each school in order to propose a plan that promotes education of compassionate and ethical leaders.

- student organizations. I want to focus on our communication with our organizations to better address concerns on the registration process, technicalities, and most importantly collaboration within our Interclub Council.

I have a genuine belief in a Torero’s individual experience that comes from involvement inside and outside of the classroom. I’m truly grateful for my USD experience thus far, and only hope to provide the best experience for future Toreros. Vote ROMMEL for VP! Olé!

Pinlac, Rommel

Speaker of the Senate

Brooke Belanger


My Name is Brooke Belanger and I am running for the position of Speaker of Senate. Coming from a small farming town in Oregon I immediately fell in love with the warm San Diego air and the multitude of possibilities given to me at USD. Since I was involved with Student Government throughout high school and came to USD on a leadership based scholarship, I immediately knew I wanted to be part of Associated Students. I became a senator for the College of Arts and Sciences the fall of my freshman year and have been on it ever since.

The main objective in this position is to organize and assist the many senators so that USD student’s voices are heard. By serving in the subcommittee for Inclusion and Diversity in Associated Students for the past two years I have worked on getting awareness out and support for many underrepresented organizations and opinions on campus. By serving my entire USD experience as a senator I know how it functions and how to lead the new incoming Senators. I also am fully aware as a member of Inclusion and Diversity of the issues of majority rule over the minority and plan to facilitate compromise and keep Senate open to creative and innovative new ideas.

I believe that great leadership today is not having a strong authority over others to do your bidding, but having the humility strength to influence others through understanding and faith, to create positive and lasting change. The greatest leaders throughout time have been servants, not authoritarians. I am a very approachable person. Come up and talk to me, I’m friendly and am a student just like you. I want to make this campus better, so don’t be afraid to let me know what you think can make it awesome! By seeking out and finding diverse ideas, senators can then have them implemented on campus and become a reality. My job is to help your senators make your voice heard, so let me represent you.

Belanger, Brooke


School of Business

Nicolas Bunick

My name is Nick Bunick and I am a Freshman majoring in Finance and Real Estate at USD. I hope to represent you as a Senator for the School of Business Administration next fall.

I decided to run because I want your voice to be heard. As a Senator, I will act as a liaison between the student body and the student government. It is my priority to address student issues that you bring to me. Thank you and I hope to be representing you next semester.



Cameron Cooke

I am a Freshman majoring in Business Administration from Orange County, California. Through leadership in student organizations like Pride and other volunteer organizations I have learned the skills needed to successfully represent students and the business department as your Business Senator. I'm really excited to have the opportunity to represent my peers and give back to the USD community.



Paige Monk

Hi! I am Paige Monk and I am a current junior majoring in Marketing and minoring in Communications. I grew up in the Bay Area before moving to San Diego and just came back from studying abroad in Oxford for a semester. I plan on representing the students of the business school by doing whatever I can to have their voices heard. I have always been interested in the “behind the scenes” aspect of USD and hope to become more involved within the school through Associated Students while helping make the University of San Diego the best school possible.

Monk, Paige


College of Arts and Sciences

Tiffany Aceves

Hi! My name is Tiffany Aceves and I am junior architecture major here at USD. I just came back from a semester abroad in Prague and am a San Diego native. I was a residential senator my sophomore year and cannot wait to be back on Senate. I plan on being a voice for the smaller majors on campus and lending myself in any way possible to make USD the best campus ever.



Alicia de la Piedra

Responsible, outgoing, and dedicated are only a couple of qualities that make me qualified to be the College of Arts & Sciences Senator. Through various organizations I have a lot of experience working with groups of people and collaborating with power figures to make things happen. As a Visual Arts major I am familiar with the department and am willing to commit the time and energy needed in order to better the area as well as USD as a whole. Personable and approachable, I will gladly listen to all concerns and/or suggestions other students wish to express. I am passionate about the Arts and this department altogether; it would be my honor to represent it in any way.

de la piedra


David Gonzalez

I am a Freshman currently majoring in History with a minor in Chemistry and Biology from Los Angeles, California. I grew up in an underserved community and have found my passion in community service after being a very active member in my home community through volunteering at hospitals and research centers.I have brought that active involvement to USD as a freshman through being a founder and currently serving on the executive board of the new Acapella group Cleftomaniacs. The experience of starting a new organization on campus has adequately developed my leadership and organizational skills and has also made me proficient in communicating effectively and efficiently to the many school departments.If I am elected I plan to use my strong leadership skills to develop more inter-organizational communication in order to plan more school wide philanthropic events. Furthermore, I want to aid in increasing the ease of starting new organizations  on campus to promote more campus diversity and give students more opportunities to become involved.



Crash Ketcham

I am a marine science major and love anything to do with the ocean. I enjoy recreational activities, such as volleyball, hiking, and running, as well as music, dance, and photography. I also love languages and plan to minor in German.
• 2013-2014 Camino/Founders Senator for A.S.
• 2013-2014 Camino/Founders RHA Vice President
• Passionate about volunteering and serving others
• Turns ideas into events
• Dedicated, ambitious, bold

I would aspire to represent the students of the Colleges of Arts and Sciences accurately and consistently. I would connect with as many students as possible to make sure they would know who their senator was and who to contact for ideas or addressing issues. My senator position last year has taught me how I can create positive change through A.S. and I would like to continue that progress next year by being a College of Arts and Sciences senator.

Ketcham, Crash


Ashley Matkins

I am currently an Academic Senator that serves on the Academics Committee. I have been able to assist the AS Vice President and faculty on campus with the revising of the Core Curriculum. I have been constantly working with the other senators and staff to bring RSVP to campus, which is an organization focused on Raising Student Voice and Participation on campus. It is my goal to unify the student body and work towards creating a greater school culture and sense of school pride on campus.



Christopher Nowlin

Hello everyone, my name is Chris Nowlin and I am currently a freshmen double majoring in Computer Science and Real Estate. I am really exciting to run for senate again. My goals for next year is to continue working with senate in informing people about issues and events. I want to continue working on initiatives that will make the College of Arts and Sciences and USD better. Also, I want to help improve our curriculum by creating the option for students to take Korean as their language requirement.



Dillon Olagaray

Hey everyone! My name is Dillon Olagaray and I am running for senator of the college of arts and sciences! I am currently a sophomore at USD, I am a senator for the vistas housing this year and I am pursuing an International Relations major. I believe that I am qualified for this position because of multiple reasons that include: I have experience with Associated Students since I am currently a senator, I am an Eagle Scout, I have currently worked in politics, once for a mayoral campaign and now for a congressman in Washington D.C., and I have been a member of clubs on campus, such as leaders of tomorrow. If I am elected, I plan on possibly becoming a chair of one of the four committees in Associated Students, and plan on continuing projects to help promote a better campus for everyone. Thanks and vote for me!