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Bryan F.

Hey Toreros!

My name is Bryan Fox and I can’t begin to describe how excited I am to serve as the Associated Students Vice President for the 2015-2016 school year! I came to USD with the goal of making this campus my home for the next 4 years. With this mindset I started out looking to get involved and develop long-lasting relationships, two things that have had such a positive influence on my time here. I am from right outside of Philadelphia and even though I was 3,000 miles away from my family, USD openly embraced me and made me part of its proud family. I have held leadership positions in Lambda Chi Alpha and Delta Sigma Pi, I have captained a Relay for Life team, was involved in Ambassador’s Club for two years, and work at the Jenny Craig Pavilion with Athletics. As an accounting major, my life revolves heavily around Olin Hall. This campus has provided me with a vast network of friends and family, those who have supported me in my development as a leader, a scholar, and a person. I have seen how this campus has impacted those around me in the same positive way, how it shapes leaders, supports scholars, and inspires personal growth. I have also seen those that struggle to find their calling at USD, and it is for you that I am motivated to take on this role. I believe that there is a place for everyone here; that this community can be there for you, just like it has for me. There are opportunities to create life-long friendships, to find mentors and role models, chances to be a Torero.

As AS Vice President, I am here to serve the student body overseeing the Chair of Academics and the Chair of Student Organizations. I know that these two chairs oversee such a pivotal part of the college experience, and my goal is to promote inclusive and positive growth through these chairs.

As I prepare to start my senior year, I do so with a passion for our university. It is that passion that has inspired me and motivated me during the last three years at Alcala Park. I urge you to reach out to the community and to me. Seek out opportunities and grasp them. I’ve mentioned one word throughout this bio, and again I encourage you to think about this word during your time here: Growth. As we enter this upcoming school year, let’s do it with an excitement and openness to new ideas and new experiences. Embrace the opportunity to grow in yourself and in the community.

Let us grow together as Toreros!

Phone: 619.260.4600 ext.4973

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