Associated Students

Drop Shadow

Branches of AS

This is the current organizational structure of the AS Positions:

Associated Students org chart

Executive Team
President Dom Pera
Vice President Rommel Pinlac
Speaker of the Senate Kit Brown
Communications Chair John Michael
Finance Chair Bryan Chiang
Torero Program Board Chair Alexandra Steinhaus
Chief of Staff Crash Ketcham
Director of Academics Maria Yakovleva
Director of Changemaker Initiatives Katinka Bosch
Controller Wayne Luk
Director of Marketing Dillon Gemmell
Director of Public Affairs Susie Hirsh
Director of Recruitment Spencer Hoffman

Director of Social Media

Erin Smith
Director of Sustainability Miriam Taylor
Web Director Pete Greene 
Director of Wellness Ariana Grabowski
Torero Program Board
Torero Program Board Chair Alexandra Steinhaus
Vice Chair of Entertainment Bryan Patrick
Vice Chair of Main Events Morgan Offenheiser
Vice Chair of Special Events Lavanya Sridharan
Marketing Coordinator Jordyn Corrington
Concerts Coordinator Victoria Simon
After Dark Coordinator Cassandra Demara
Novelty Coordinator Jet Flores
Spotlight Coordinator Nicole Abraham
Spirit and Traditions Coordinator Keely Palla
Class Programming Coordinator Katie Woldt
Arts and Lectures Coordinator Rose Guth
Multicultural Coordinator Radiylon Mina
School of Business Senators Nicholas Bunick
Cameron Cooke
Paige Monk
College of Arts & Sciences Senators Tiffany Aceves
Alicia de la Piedra
David Gonzalez
Ashley Matkins

Don’t be afraid to come to the SLIC or email us to pose a student issue, ask a question, provide feedback, or give your opinion on what you would like to see us do on campus