Associated Students

Drop Shadow

Branches of AS

This is the organizational structure of the AS Positions:

Associated Students org chart

President Alex Hermann
Vice President Coral Anderson
Speaker of Senate Trenton Mendenhall
Communications chair Colby Edson
Finance Chair Mallory Collins
Chief of Staff Lauren Fisher
Controller Mark Finan
Director of Marketing    
Director of Public Affairs Kaitlyn Finegan
Director of Web Corey Salas
Director of Social Media Courtney Atienza
Director of Academics Courtney Ochi
Director of Recruitment Robert Martinez
Director of Student Organizations Rommel Luna Pinlac
Director of Wellness and Sustainability    
Director of Changemaker Intitiatives Spencer Lee
College of Arts and Sciences Senators Katie Coutermarsh
Kristen Daus
Stephen Ferraro
Kaylee Gil
Darren Hollak
Ashley Matkins
School of Business Senators  Christian Di Scala
Michael Marconi
Omar Suleiman
Engineering Senator  
Residential Senators Crash Ketcham
  Wayne Luk
  Chris Nowlin
  Radiylon Mina
  Jordyn Corrington
  Tyler Safran
  Jesse Nebres
  Dillon Olagaray
  Billy Anderson
  Alex Bullock
  Meghan Czarnecki
  Nathan Resnick
  Gabriella Russo
  Kelsea Tower

Don’t be afraid to come to the SLIC or email us to pose a student issue, ask a question, provide feedback, or give your opinion on what you would like to see us do on campus!