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Applications are due March 31

Make a Difference. Be a Student Leader.

To apply for an appointed position(s) you must fill out an application. Applications for appointed position(s) will be due Monday, March 31st at 5pm to the SIID

If you have any questions about the specific details of a position, please feel free to contact the student currently holding the position. Their contact information can be found by at the "Meet the Team" page.


The AS/TPB application must be submitted to the SIID no later than March 31st at 5pm. With the application, you will need to submit a resume or copy of a co-curricular transcript.

Stipends: Students holding Associated Students and Torero Program Board positions may receive a work service award. Work service awards are: 1.) based the type of position held and 2.) the students' individual Financial Aid package. In some circumstances, students may not be eligible for the work service award, please consult Financial Aid Office if you have any questions.

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