A.S. Elections Information

Hi Toreros! Please scroll down to read information designated to your class standing so you can be best assisted!
Currently we have elections for First-Years to be Residential Senators of their Residence Hall! (Camino/Founders, Maher, Missions A, Missions B)
Being an AS Residential Senator for your residence hall gives you the chance to give back to your community and make changes campus as well! You would need to campaign and be elected by the residents in that hall!
Below you will find the application if you are interested, as well as a signature sheet which requires you to get 50 signatures from residents in your hall in support of you running for that position. You are able to go door-to-door in order to get the signatures and introduce yourself!
Please be aware that campaigning for the elections starts whenever you have turned in the application along with a sheet which you are required to get 50 signatures from residents in your hall!
Here is the current timeline:
Friday 9/21: Applications Due 9:30AM or ASAP to start campaigning (Click link below for application)
Tuesday 9/25 - Wednesday 9/26: Elections Tuesday 9AM - Wednesday 12PM
HOW TO VOTE: an email via Google Forms will be sent out and voting for each First-Year Residence Hall can take place there. There will also be a voting booth at the counter to the side of Tu Mercado between the election times as well. 
Here is the link to the application:
Feel free to email kevianbrown@sandiego.edu if you have any questions!
We are always welcoming those who would like to get involved within our organization! As of now, the elections for First-Year Residence Hall Senators are approaching (Campaigning Tuesday 9/18, Elections Tuesday 9/25). 
The Associated Students team this year is incorporating ways to have many more students be involved within the organization rather than just a set amount in the previous years! There WILL be opportunities for you to be involved!
If interested, please send an email to kevianbrown@sandiego.edu to ask any questions, or to inquire and you will be added to a list that will receive updates in the near future!