Chair of Inclusion and Diversity

Vayunamu Bawa

My name is Vayunamu Bawa and I'm a 4th year international student from Abuja, Nigeria. I'm majoring in International Relations because I like learning about politics and power and decided to join AS so I could be a part of a group of students making change at USD. At USD, I have worked at the United Front Multicultural Center, interned for the Mandela Washington Fellowship at the IPJ, been a Scholastic Assistant, and have been active with clubs such as African Student Union, International Student Union, and Black Student Union. 

This upcoming year, some of my goals as Chair for the Inclusion & Diversity committee include finding support for students to get involved with more campus programs/events and exploring how sustainability efforts can be inclusive. 

I am open and excited to hear ideas from students about what me, my committee, and/or AS as a whole can work on to make the student experience better so I look forward to hearing from you!



AS Chair of Inclusion and Diversity Job Description