Speaker of the Senate

Shalin Shah


Hey Toreros!

My name is Shalin Shah and I am incredibly excited to serve as the Speaker of the Senate for my second term.  I’ll be coming in with a year of experience in the position already, in addition to a year as a Senator.  Apart from AS, I have also been involved in the Honors Program, the Preceptorial Assistant Program, Sigma Pi fraternity, the American Medical Student Association, the Ambassadors Club, and undergraduate research.  My involvement through all of these continues to make me more passionate about serving the USD community.

Over the past three years I have found the University of San Diego to be an amazing University.  This school provides so many opportunities to students, is constantly striving to grow and excel, and has a uniquely close community. Personally, I have been incredibly lucky to find a strong network of friends and family here at USD who have continued to support my development, and I see USD as such a positive place and a second home. However, I understand that each of us has a very different experience, and there are many who still are searching for community. Hopefully, we can all agree that there can be a lot of improvement at our University. In order to grow, it is really up to the students to identify any flaws that exist in this institution, and to work toward getting rid of them.  At the same time, we should identify our strongest assets, and continue to build upon them.  I am extremely confident that our new team of Senators will contribute toward such positive growth immensely.  I plan on using my former experience in this position and my working relationships with various partners on campus to support this, and I am so excited to work with the entire AS team, the student body, and the administration on various initiatives.

The Associated Students Senate is dedicated to reaching out to students and enhancing the Torero experience.  This year, some of my general goals with Senate are to:

  • Represent the various groups and mindsets in all of our initiatives
  • Build Torero pride and spirit
  • Increase communication and transparency across campus
  • Be thoughtful and intentional in making our campus more inclusive to everyone

I encourage you to reach out to us as well, and I can’t wait to see what this year has in store!

Phone: 619.260.4600 ext. 2590

AS Speaker of the Senate Job Description