Associated Students President

T.J. Hodges


Welcome/welcome back to USD! My name is TJ Hodges, and I am the President of Associated Students this year. A.S. is the organization on campus that represents the undergraduate population in our mission to serve and improve our university and our community. In the past I have worked as an RA (Resident Assistant) in a first-year residential area called Missions B, and I currently compete on our Division 1 Cross Country team and serve as a team captain. I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona, and attended a boarding high school in New Hampshire before coming to USD.

This year is full of potential for our student body, and with collaboration and activism we will achieve many goals this year. A.S. specifically has already begun working on the goals we have for the student body and the USD community at large, which includes lowering a variety of costs on campus, expanding our outreach locally, nationally, and internationally, and increasing our school spirit in all areas of university life.

To my fellow Toreros, I ask two things for this academic year: Number one, to listen, and two, to speak up. Each lies on opposite sides of a spectrum, but both are equally important. As students we bring with us unique ideas and opinions, and as people we bring different backgrounds and experiences. Throughout your career at USD your groups and communities with whom you are involved will thrive on your outspoken opinions and stories, but will also rely on your ability to truly listen and process the information and emotions that are conveyed.

As a small university community, we have the ability to represent the larger world, and by displaying trust, respect, and care for one another, we can serve as a blueprint for the world that will depend on our generation. Best of luck in your next two semesters, and go Toreros! 



Phone: 619.260.4600 ext.4910

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