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Michaun (Carnahan) Hayes '93

Michaun Carnahan Hayes ’93 graduated from USD with a Bachelors of Accountancy.  The team work and mentoring Michaun experienced as a part of the USD Crew team and in the School of Business Administration were exceptional preparation for the business world.  Michaun and her family live in Reno, Nevada where she works at the University of Nevada, Reno.


1: What have you been up to since graduation?

After graduation, I began working with Ernst & Young LLP’s Palo Alto, CA office – specializing in technology and life science companies.  The mid-90’s were a dynamic time for these industries and I gained valuable experience rapidly.  After becoming a manager, I exchanged to the E&Y office in Geneva, Switzerland where I served many of the same clients.  This international experience is a highlight of my life and I would greatly encourage all students and professionals to make time to study and/or live abroad.  For the past nine years, I’ve been happily working in the Office of Planning, Budget and Analysis at the University of Nevada, Reno. In addition to work, my husband and I focus on raising our two young sons. We recently completed a will and living trust and chose to include small bequests to each alma mater in recognition of the important roles these institutions played in our lives.


2: What is your fondest memory of USD?

It is so difficult to choose one memory from an incredible two year period (I transferred to USD as a junior) of my life.  Many of my best memories are associated with the Crew team….one in particular being an illicit night time foray to LA to commemorate a successful series of races against UCLA.  I broke away from the Crew team one weekend in my senior year to go on a canoeing “Outdoor Adventure” to the Black Canyon – we ended up in a flash flood!  It was an incredible bonding experience for all the participants and remains one of my favorite memories from college.  The activities and career placement support provided by the Accounting Club and Beta Alpha Psi (and the club advisors) were truly invaluable.


3. What is your favorite place on campus, why?

We completed many hilarious and exhausting Friday dry-land practices on West Point Field (now the amazing Joan B. Kroc School of Peace Studies). I loved to study in the comfortable chairs found in the Law Library (I was taking a business law class after all).  Even when I lived in the Dog Patch, a daily highlight of USD life was the team breakfast in the cafeteria in the Hahn UC (then new) after morning practice.


4. Who was your favorite USD professor or class?

I had amazing professors in the College of Business Administration!  Dr. Carol Bruton, who was also the Accounting Society advisor, is one stand out. I really loved my business law classes with Dr. Cohn.  I can’t remember his name, but we had an adjunct professor for Business Policy who taught me some of the most important lessons of my early business career – stay current with the headlines in the Wall Street Journal and be confident in your opinions and statements.


5: How have you remained involved with USD since graduation?

Before we had children, I visited San Diego more often; however, I’ve attended a few crew races at Lake Natoma in Sacramento.  I receive newsletters from the School of Business Administration and the Crew team and love the student phone calls we get each semester.


6: If you could offer a current USD student advice, what would it be?

Find a passion and get involved early and stay committed throughout college.  Study abroad!  Take advantage of the accessibility of USD professors and administrators and use them as mentors.  Developing confidence in speaking and interacting with people of authority during college will serve you well in any future career.

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