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Brian Moffitt '98 EDD

Brian graduated from the University of San Diego's School of Education with his Ed.D. in 1998.  He moved to Sacramento in 2001 where he is currently the Organizational Development Manager for the City of Sacramento.  In addition, he teaches graduate classes, produces and hosts a local public access TV show, and dabbles in real estate investment.

1: What have you been up to since graduation?
I've been busy with many activities.  I am currently the Organizational Development Manager with the City of Sacramento.  My team and I help employees make positive change through training, consultation and facilitation.  This usually takes the form of training, diversity/inclusion, career development, wellness and a variety of continuous improvement projects.  I also teach master/doctoral level classes at the University of San Francisco, Golden Gate University and Drexel University.  Having a passion for mass communication, I started producing and hosting a weekly public access talk show called "Good Work NOW!".  The mission of the show is to help viewers find a job, develop their career or business, or improve morale and productivity.  Although the show is broadcast locally, it is streamed around the world.  More information and clips from past show are available at  Finally, I also dabble in real estate investment, with condos in Arizona, Texas and soon to be in Florida.  You definitely need to think long term, particularly during the current housing situation.

2: What is your fondest memory of USD? 
Probably two things:  1) Going to Spain to learn about the collaborative work environment in the Mondragon Corporation in the Basque region of Spain.  It was also my first trip to Europe and it was a whirlwind - about 7 countries in two weeks.  It took months for me to get back into balance but well worth it!  2) I had a very difficult time with my master's thesis so it was a huge relief to have successfully defended my dissertation.

3. What is your favorite place on campus, why?
I loved walking anywhere on campus to relish the beautiful architecture and landscaping, and to behold the views and feel the breezes of Mission Bay.

4. Who was your favorite USD professor or class?
Dr. Joseph Rost.  His book, "Leadership for the Twenty First Century", will continue to be a significant contribution.  I fondly recall his wavy red hair, steadfast demeanor and love of wine.  I remember my interview with him when I first applied, and I must say, I was a bit intimidated; that quickly eroded.  He was truly a gentleman and a scholar.

5: How have you remained involved with USD since graduation?
Occasionally I have email exchanges with Dr. Paula Cordeiro, Dean of the School of Leadership and Education Sciences (SOLES).  I remember I was the student representative on the search committee when she was appointed in 1998.  I am so impressed by the growth and expansion of SOLES - the new building, vibrant programs and vital community connections - all as a result of Paula's vibrant vision and presence.  I hope to transition to a full time academic position in the future and the USD SOLES is a model that will inspire and inform me.

6: If you could offer a current USD student advice, what would it be?
While it's always fun to focus on the day you will graduate, don't wish your life away! Take time every day and every week to relish the experience at USD, the feeling you have now while you're reading this, and fully exploit your current state of being or the day may come when you wish you had.

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