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University of San Diego Alumni Association
Strategic Plan
Established July 2010 (Revised January 2012)


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Executive Summary
The USD Alumni Association began a strategic planning process in 2010 to chart the future course of the organization over the next five years through June 30, 2015. This strategic plan outlines a new way of thinking, organizing and measuring success for the Alumni Association that will better meet the needs of the alumni and the University. A key tenet of the strategic plan is that the USD Alumni Association is primarily charged with engaging alumni and building relationships. Subsequently, alumni support will result. This does not mean the Alumni Association will shy away from its fundraising goals and efforts to increase the alumni-giving rate, but it will focus its core activities on building relationships between alumni and the University. It should be understood that support is not only meant to be financial but also volunteer support in its many facets. An additional byproduct of these stronger relationships will be improved brand growth and international visibility and recognition for USD embodied through the alumni themselves. Readers of this plan may notice an emphasis on undergraduates but we fully intend to develop and include graduate alumni in this plan. This strategic plan is intended to be a fluid, living document that will be updated on an annual basis. 

Five core themes emerge from the Alumni Association strategic plan:

  1. The Alumni Association will move from a “one-size-fits-all” engagement strategy to a “targeted and segmented” engagement strategy. The strategic plan calls for distinguishing alumni into “alumni group segments” and looks at its offerings more as “engagement tactics, strategies and services.”
  2. The University of San Diego will embrace an alumni-inclusive perspective. True transformational change will only happen once alumni relations is the work of the entire USD community as opposed to the sole efforts of the Alumni Association and Office of Alumni Relations.
  3. The Alumni Association will become a volunteer-driven organization where volunteers are encouraged and empowered to build and manage their own programs. As it has been suggested, we need to work with alumni, not for alumni.
  4. The Alumni Association and USD will become more relevant in the lives of alumni through targeted communication and programs that resonate with alumni.
  5. The Alumni Association will measure success through a series of targeted benchmarks to monitor its progress. An alumni engagement dashboard will be developed to measure progress on a monthly basis and an Annual Report will publish our results to the entire USD community.

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