Tuesday of the Second Week


Zec 2:14-17
Judith 13:18bcde, 1
Lk 1:26-38


In thinking about today's gospel and the feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe I am reminded of the Virgin Mary and Juan Diego's unshakeable faith in the unknown.  The Angel Gabriel appeared to Mary and told her she would give birth to a son.  The Angel Gabriel tells her "...and the power of the Most High will overshadow you" (Luke 1:35).  In this moment I picture God hugging the Virgin Mary giving assurance as to what is to come.
I am in awe of the boundless trust she places in the Lord upon receiving this news and her devotion of faith reminds me to trust in the unknown. 
Through the course of these six past months since graduating college I have encountered a series of unknowns. 
Newfound challenges to which there is no textbook answer, even so, I am reminded to look to God knowing his arms are out stretched open inviting me in, trusting that the best is yet to come.
Today also represents the feast of the Our Lady of Guadalupe who appeared to Juan Diego in Mexico City instructing him to build a Church in her name.  Juan Diego, a poor man whom the bishop did not initially believe when he told him what he saw.  He then came to the bishop for a second time and presented him with roses as instructed by Our Lady of Guadalupe.  In unveiling the roses from his cloak an image of La Virgen de Guadalupe appeared and the Bishop was in awe of what he had witnessed. 
I vividly remember growing up hearing this story being told by my mom as she lit a series of candles in our home.  She would recount how in Mexico her family would sing to La Virgen "Las Mañanitas," a song of celebration during this special day.  To me, the apparition of La Virgen de Guadalupe represents a story of someone who is there for you in your time of need.  Someone who you can trust even through the unfamiliar. 
As the end of the year is quickly approaching and I look ahead to what is to come, I find a sense of tranquility through reflection on these stories.  We may not always have a plan and things may come unexpectedly, but we are reminded to have faith knowing the love and support that surrounds us. 
Ivette Gil, '17