Why Choose USD?

At the University of San Diego, your potential for success is limitless. USD is located just minutes from beautiful beaches, a thriving downtown and endless cultural, educational and recreational activities. But that's just scratching the surface. Why should you really join our community? Here are a few reasons:

Achieve Academic Excellence

Through experiential and holistic learning, become a well-rounded individual and professional with a broad, global perspective. Your education is based on a rigorous curriculum that's focused on real-world careers, while being geared toward the whole person. Our academic programs include:

Time for Enrichment and Exploration

As an undergraduate, you have two years to decide on a major. You'll choose from nationally ranked and recognized programs in Arts and Sciences, Business, Education, Nursing, Peacebuilding, Law and Engineering.

Internships and Research

Your career begins on campus with a solid academic preparation and practical experience through relationships with our thriving scientific and entrepreneurial communities, and faculty-led research.

Compassionate Service and Changemaking

Experience diversity and inclusion, develop compassion for all people, increase your perspective and approach problems from a local as well as global point of view through events and opportunities for community service.

Solid Advising and Support

With an undergraduate student population of just more than 5,000, students get the courses they need to graduate in four years. What's more, almost 95% of our full-time faculty have their Ph.D. or terminal degree, and they are readily accessible to help make you successful.

Be challenged academically and earn a degree and experience that will guide your career for the rest of your life!

Develop Meaningful Relationships

USD is not a place where you take classes and go home to study alone. USD is alive with activity that includes:

  • One-on-one relationships with faculty and fellow students, through small class sizes and collaborative learning. Our students build relationships with faculty as mentors, colleagues, and research advisors.
  • First-year students live on campus and on–campus housing is available for all four years. Nearly one-half of our students live on campus for the duration of their time at USD.
  • Competitive intercollegiate and intramural athletics, such as 17 NCAA Division I teams, numerous club teams and an extensive intramural sports program
  • World–class theatre and the #1 classical actor's training program in the nation
  • Nationally respected speakers and events
  • Club activities, fraternity and sorority events, and honor societies
  • Student government and Associated Students

Focus on Global Learning

USD is focused on global learning throughout every program. With more than 70 international programs, USD has been frequently ranked at the top for study abroad programs and features a dedicated International Center.

  • Embrace the opportunity to study abroad and learn about new cultures and perspectives on the world
  • Learn new languages
  • Think beyond the boundaries of the local environment

Be a Part of a Private Catholic University

The university accepts and welcomes all people and their faith traditions. In this religiously diverse environment, members of the USD community share their beliefs, both intellectually and spiritually, to the benefit of all. We believe that a person's faith intensifies and deepens when enriched by understanding other religious traditions.

  • Learn about Catholicism through the on-campus ministry
  • Grow and expand in your own faith
  • Join spiritual study groups, retreats, and service outreach programs
  • Have the opportunity to serving others through an active faith community

Become a Changemaker. Join the USD community.