Maher, Founders & Camino Halls

Hi, I'm Wyatt, from Ocean City, Maryland.  Behind me is Maher Hall, a freshman residence hall.  Historically, it held the School of Theology, The Immaculate Heart Major seminary, and the St. Francis Seminary.  After USD was established, it became a male residence hall and in the year 2000 it became co-ed.  The bottom floors consist of classrooms, offices, the Romero Center, the Community Service-Learning Center, the Media Center, and our favorite coffee shop, Aromas

As you enter Maher Hall through the main entrance on the second floor, you'll notice a huge USD seal on the ground.  Legend has it that if you walk on the seal, you will not graduate in four years. Obviously, while this is a myth, many residents will be seen walking around the perimeter of the seal, being careful not to walk through it.  This is a long-standing tradition that continues to this day. 

Both male and female freshmen live here in separate wings. 
A typical triple room here in Maher has a bed, desk, and dresser.  All residence areas are wireless accessible but still have wired Ethernet connections if needed and cable TV that includes HBO. 

On the fifth floor of Maher Hall, there’s a small study room, known to residents living here as the "Jesus room," because it has a stained glass window of Jesus.  This study room was originally used as a small chapel/prayer room when it was still the seminary.

Maher Hall is centrally located near classrooms, the library, the bookstore, the mail center, the University Center, and the new Student Life Pavilion.  Now let's take a walk over to Camino/Founders. 

We are now in the courtyard between Camino and Founders, referred to as just "Camino Founders."  Founders Hall, originally the site of the College for Women, was founded in 1952 by Mother Rosalie Hill.  Inspired by San Diego's Catholic and Spanish history, Rosalie Hill modeled the college after the University of Alcalá de Henares in Spain.  The 16th century Spanish Renaissance architecture continues to inspire each building on our ever-growing campus.  You can see it everywhere. 

Freshman women live on the second floor of Founder's Hall.  Students are provided a desk, bed, and dresser.  Founder's is a traditional residence hall, with a community bathroom.  Each student gets a “Johnny Square,” which is an individual sink and mirror where they can get ready in the morning.  The rooms are located right above Founders chapel, tutoring centers, the French Parlor, department offices, and classrooms.  Having classrooms on the first floor makes it real easy to roll out of bed and get to class on time. 

Camino and Founder's are connected by this bridge.  This signifies the fact that Camino/Founders, while two separate buildings, is really one community.
Camino is designated as a residence for freshman males.  The floor below the residence hall houses classrooms, department offices, and Shiley Theater