Shiley Center for Science and Technology

We are on the southwest rim of campus and this is The Donald P. Shiley Center for Science and Technology.  Hi, I’m Lexi, and I’m from Denver, Colorado.  This is our largest academic building on campus. It is 4 stories high with 73 classrooms and laboratories, aquariums and even a roof top green house.

The Departments of Biology, Chemistry & Biochemistry, Physics, Marine Science and Environmental Studies are all located here.

The large teaching classrooms and laboratories are all furnished with state-of-the-art technology and equipment. Special laboratories include:  Geographic Information Systems, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Computer Modeling, Hydrodynamics and electron microscopy.

This light fixture is pretty cool and it’s right in the center of the atrium.  It has color emitting fiber optic cables which are controlled by motion sensors and touch screen liquid crystal displays.  It was a project designed by the former chair of the Fine Arts department.

The artwork is an investigation into the relationship of science, technology and art which fosters and promotes cross-disciplinary research through experimentation in non-traditional media.

This building was the first on campus to be designed by its users.  As a result, the building is not only beautiful but also extremely functional.  The building layout integrates the science curriculum while promoting a collaborative teaching and learning environment between faculty and students. USD is recognized nationally for its excellent student-centered teaching and research, and the opportunity to engage in collaborative research is a hallmark of a USD science education. 

Students have the opportunity to present their research results at Creative Collaborations, the Undergraduate Research Conference here on campus, as well as various national and international meetings.  Many students are also co-authors on manuscripts published in peer-reviewed scientific journals along with their faculty mentors.