Founders & Camino Hall (Built in 1951)

Hi I’m Candice, and I’m from San Ramon, California.   I am currently standing in front of Camino and Founders Halls.  These seemingly identical buildings consist mainly of classrooms and residence halls but they also house the majority of the departments within The College of Arts and Sciences. The College of Arts and Sciences is a liberal arts college that is historically and educationally at the core of the University of San Diego.  It offers 28 majors and 35 minors that are continuing to grow every year. Now, let’s go take a look at Founders.
The 1st floor of the building houses the departments of Languages and Literatures, English, and Philosophy.  The Logic, Language and Writing Centers are also located here, which offer free tutoring to students throughout the year.  Also on the first floor is the Hoehn Family Art Gallery and the French Parlor which is used for social gatherings.  Located across the center courtyard is Founders Chapel, which offers mass throughout the week as well as student masses on Sunday evenings.

Adjacent to Founders Hall and connected by a bridge is Camino Hall.  Here you can find the departments of Theatre Arts, Art, Architecture and Art History, Music and Communication Studies.

We’re now here inside Shiley Theater.  Back in 1996, Shiley underwent renovations for the final presidential debate between President Clinton and Senator Dole.  Today, Shiley is used for performances by our Theatre Arts department, Choral Scholars, and other special events.