Transferring College Credits

If you are planning to transfer to USD from another college or university, many of your general education credits may be transferable.

After being admitted to USD and submitting your enrollment confirmation form, a transfer credit analysis will determine which credits are transferable.

  • General education classes from accredited institutions are generally transferable if the grades are C- or better.
  • Classes from non-accredited institutions or trade schools will not transfer to USD.

All courses transferred to USD are transferred for unit credit only and are not calculated into a student's GPA. To receive advice regarding class choices, please contact our Transfer Admission Counselor, Andrew Alsoraimi-Espiritu.

Transfer Equivalency Search Tool

See which classes have previously transferred to USD from various two-year colleges or institutions. Classes in this search are based on previous transfer credit analyses.

View Transfer Equivalencies

Important Information for First-Year Applicants

First-year applicants should note that college coursework taken while in high school may only be considered for credit at USD if taken after the student's sophomore year and in addition to high school requirements. College coursework will not be eligible to transfer to USD if it served to satisfy any high school graduation requirements.

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Transfer Information Form

At this time, our Core Curriculum is undergoing revisions. If you have questions on how your completed coursework or planned coursework will align with our Core Curriculum, please contact the Undergraduate Admissions Office