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Admissions Decision FAQs


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What is the difference between Regular Decision and Late Consideration?

The main difference between Regular Decision and Late Consideration is that Regular candidates will receive a decision by April 1st.  Late Consideration candidates will not be reviewed and considered for admission until all Regular Decision candidates have been notified of an admissions decision.

I submitted my application by the deadline. When do my supplemental materials need to be submitted?

While the Common Application itself must be submitted by the actual application deadline (December 15th for Regular Decision and February 1st for Late Consideration), all supplemental materials (i.e. transcript, letter of recommendation and essay) may be received within one week after the deadline.

How are decisions made on first-year applications?

All applications for first-year admission are evaluated thoroughly by a team of admissions professionals. A comprehensive review of a student’s course selection across four years, grades in academic classes, and test scores allow the admissions committee to evaluate a student’s academic preparation and achievement. Additional information is considered, including evidence of leadership, service and talents. One academic letter of recommendation and an essay are also considered in the admissions process. Each year we admit less than half of those who apply for admission; therefore, admission is considered selective. This means that strong applicants are sometimes not admitted to the university due to the large number of applications received and the limited number of spaces available in our incoming class.

Can I appeal my admission decision?

We strongly discourage letters of appeal. The application evaluation process is thorough, and decisions are made after careful review by our admissions staff. It is highly unlikely that we will reverse a decision. Disagreement with the decision is not a valid reason for an appeal. If you have new information that you would like for us to consider, such as additional test scores not previously reported or the discovery of an error on a high school transcript, please submit that information with a letter of appeal to our office. As the applicant, you must write and submit the appeal yourself in order for it to be considered. You may email the letter and supporting information to us at admissions@sandiego.edu or mail it to our office. The address is listed below. Appeals will be reviewed beginning in late April, but a final decision may not be available until after May 1. Therefore, alternate college plans should be made while waiting for a decision on your appeal.

Can I appeal the Merit Scholarship decision?

Again, appeals are strongly discouraged. Scholarship notifications are made after careful consideration of each applicant’s academic qualifications within the context of the entire applicant pool. We had one of the largest and most qualified pools in our history this year, and USD attracts many of the best and brightest students from around the world. Therefore, the receipt of a scholarship from another university is not a valid reason to appeal our decision. We do not reallocate scholarship money if another student does not accept the award. If you have significant information to update the academic portion of your application (new grades, test scores or academic awards) you should submit the new information with a letter of appeal to the admissions office at admissions@sandiego.edu or through the mail. Our mailing address is listed below. As the applicant, this appeal must be written and submitted by you in order for it to be considered. Appeals will be reviewed beginning in late April and decisions may be made after May 1.

How does the waitlist work?

If you are invited to be on our waitlist it is because you are a good candidate for admission, but due to space limitations we are not yet able to offer you a spot in the freshman class. After May 1, once we determine how many students have deposited to attend, we will begin to determine whether or not we have space to admit students from the waitlist. Some years we do, some years we do not. It is not possible to predict space availability prior to the May 1 response deadline. If we decide we are able to admit students from the waitlist we will begin notifying students as soon as possible. In the meantime, we encourage students to move forward with alternate college plans. Typically, there is no financial aid available to students admitted from the waitlist.

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