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College is expensive. Plain and simple. Next to purchasing a home, it’s likely one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make. So why should you make that investment at the University of San Diego?
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At the University of San Diego, your child’s educational experience won’t be average; it will be extraordinary.

Let’s be honest. You want more than just an average education for your child. You want your student to grow, to be challenged and supported. You want your son or daughter to graduate with skills necessary to be successful not only in the work place, but in life.

Ask our families...

They’ve been there. Done it. Rolled up their sleeves and waded through the financial aid and scholarship processes (and made it out OK!).

Why did your family choose USD?

"When our daughter chose USD, she wanted to attend a university that would allow her to grow independently, intellectually and spiritually. USD created the ideal environment for her to accomplish exactly that."

-Maria Federico, mother of Kristina ’10, Nogales, AZ

How would you describe the value of a USD education?

“Priceless! USD is a community. As a parent, I have felt the warm welcome from the administration, faculty, staff and students. That bottom line ‘cost’ can be overwhelming but I feel my daughter made the right choice in choosing USD and, more importantly, she feels she made the perfect choice. How can I put a price cap on that? I can't; I didn't.”

–Sally Oto, mother of Janelle ’14, Dublin, CA

What is some advice you would give another parent about making a USD education possible?

"You must really visit USD to understand its university environment and range of programs. You should also focus on what interests your son or daughter has regarding a major. Discuss the opportunities for academic, music, athletic or other related financial scholarships if these areas can further enable financing a USD education."

–Jim & Gayle O’Book, parents of Christopher ’13, North Andover, MA

ChurchHow did you make your student’s education an affordable reality?

"Daniel received scholarships, work study, and student loans. I received PLUS loans. USD was generous with their assistance. Over the years, my income was inconsistent. When I asked for help, USD came through. I always will be appreciative of this, and intend to give back to USD. My feeling was, if I can pay or get the financial help, I do not care how long it takes to repay the debt. If I can have my children attend private Catholic colleges, I will do it."

–Daniel Paul Valcazar, father of Daniel ‘07, Gilroy, CA