How Can I Afford USD?

We are committed to working with families to make an extraordinary education both affordable and accessible for all students.

Cost should not be a barrier to a college education, and it shouldn't keep you from applying. USD offers many different types of scholarships to students, and eligible families may also qualify for need-based financial aid. It may still take an investment, but the success of our graduates shows that a USD education truly pays off in the end.

Here's what USD families have to say:

Discover what it really means to invest in Changemaking (pdf, 3.8MB)

Tuition and Fees: USD’s tuition and costs are in the mid-range of selective private universities nationwide. Tuition increases have averaged only 3.5% over the past three years and our Board of Trustees is very sensitive to the rising costs.

Scholarships: USD offers different types of scholarships, including: merit scholarships, athletic scholarships, music scholarships and more.

Financial Aid: Over 70% of our undergraduates receive some form of financial assistance, including scholarships and need-based financial aid.

When our daughter chose USD, she wanted to attend a university that would allow her to grow independently, intellectually and spiritually. USD created the ideal environment for her to accomplish exactly that. – Maria Federico, mother of Kristina ’10, Nogales, AZ

Student Debt: Borrowing money for school has always been seen as a worthwhile investment. While it is true that students and parents should be very careful about how much they borrow, the fact is that the average USD student graduates with an average student loan debt of $28,598, less than one year’s tuition payment.

Career Outcomes: The quality of a USD education is evident in the success of our graduates. A recent survey by our Career Services team showed that 91% of the Class of 2014 had received a job offer either before graduating or within three months of graduating. The average starting salary was over $45,941.

Let’s look at those last two points together. A student leaves USD with approximately $29,000 in student loans (on average). Last year, 91% of students received job offers within three months of graduation, and their average starting salary was $45,941. According to current student loan interest rates (6.8%) and typical repayment schedules, the monthly payment on those student loans is estimated at $345.24. That seems a lot more manageable than you may have thought. A big investment? Absolutely. But an investment that will continue to pay dividends for a lifetime.

Net Price Calculator: Use this calculator to get a general idea of the amount and type of aid that might be available to you at USD.

You must really visit USD to understand its university environment and range of programs. You should also focus on what interests your son or daughter has regarding a major. Discuss the opportunities for academic, music, athletic or other related financial scholarships if these areas can further enable financing a USD education. – Jim and Gayle O’Book, parents of Christopher ’13, North Andover, MA

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