Envisioning the future can be both exciting and uncertain. What's next? Where will I find my inspiration? Which path should I take?

When it comes to asking the questions that help decide which college or university offers the right fit, the answers aren’t always obvious. Choosing the academic institution most capable of providing you the opportunity to achieve your dreams can be daunting.

The University of San Diego offers the dynamic intellectual environment that will inspire and empower you to begin shaping your future.

One of the nation’s most beautiful campuses, USD’s 180-acre space rests atop a mesa overlooking San Diego, Mission Bay and the Pacific Ocean. The distinctive Spanish Renaissance architecture and breathtaking views provide an idyllic environment that’s endlessly conducive to learning.

But the beauty of this nationally ranked university isn’t limited to the outside. Our emphasis on academic excellence, intellectual rigor and global citizenship makes USD one of a kind, and second to none.

At the University of San Diego, we are firmly committed to the full development of each student and to providing a multi-faceted education that incorporates Roman Catholic ethics and tradition with a solid foundation in the liberal arts.

Community service is a hallmark at USD. Students have ample opportunities to move from the classroom into real-world practice, both locally and across the U.S. border, expanding their global perspective throughout the world and well beyond graduation.

Opportunities abound for students to seek out and explore new interests. Their on-campus journey begins at Torero Days orientation and blossoms outward to include options such as leadership courses, international study abroad, internships, research, club and collegiate athletics, spirituality, sustainability, student organizations, Greek Life and centers and institutes that seek to solve social issues by making a profound impact on both our students and the world itself.

For more than 60 years, priority one at the University of San Diego has been to provide our students with a values-based education in which ethics and intellectual inquiry form the foundation of learning. That's our vision. Let us help you find yours.

"The college years are when students make important life choices and firm up their values and establish relationships, many of which are lifelong." - Tom Cosgrove, retired USD administrator

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