Leadership for Change

Event Start DateFriday, July 13, 2012 – Sunday, July 15, 2012
Mother Rosalie Hill Hall, Room 133
CostCost: $300-400

Leadership for Change is a three-day Group Relations Conference held each January and July at the University of San Diego.

The conference aims to cultivate in participants a “felt awareness” for what it is like to work consciously in the “here-and-now” in a variety of group contexts while keeping one’s feet firmly planted on solid ground and one’s attention focused on purpose and task. It is hoped that participants working at this level of awareness will thereby discover what it means to be able to work “integrally,” that is, in a way that permits him or her to see and understand what is emerging in the present moment in terms of interconnecting processes and systems. The assumption underneath the conference design and methodology is that exercising leadership around any important issue in the modern world requires the ability to view systems and perspectives from the vantage point of this kind of conscious awareness, and to comprehend and understand the relationships among interlocking realities such as economics, ecology, advertising and global weather.

The conference is ideal for both seasoned and beginning practitioners from a variety of professional backgrounds including business, health care, law, education, ministry and the military.

ContactHeather Gibb | heatherg@sandiego.edu | 619-260-4637
Web Addresswww.sandiego.edu/soles/centers/leadership_institute/leadership_for_change/